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Please is there a Mac version for red alert 1, 2 (yore's revenge) The last C&C game for OS X that I can remember was Tiberium Wars, but that.
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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. MeM Kurdawy macrumors newbie Original poster. Nov 9, 2 0. Nov 23, 9, 24, It doesn't even run on W10 to the best of my knowledge.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

Reactions: AngerDanger. MeM Kurdawy said:. Garrod Suspended. Nov 13, 96 UK. It doesn't even run on W10 to the best of my knowledge Dec 10, 37 It's a fun game but with 3D graphics, also I think they also have Red Alert 3 in the App Store or online somewhere too. I have both but always end up playing Zero Hour. Jul 27, 10 9. Is it still working?

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It exists on Mac but I haven't got one. Sarcastic female commandos.

While Germany never militarized, the Soviet Union became more aggressive and threatened world domination. The Soviets dominate again, the Allies are retreating, and then all of a sudden the Japanese Empire of the Rising Sun attacks both sides and ignites another world war. The game had everything—great story, intense wartime action, and clever real time strategy.

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Campaigns took days to complete and the difficulty level was particularly brutal on select missions of the highly successful expansion packs. But that was before Red Alert 2, a game that took the series in a more comical direction with cartoonish graphics, over the top cut scenes, and colorful, kid-friendly, less gritty environments. There are also strong supporting roles from J.

Download Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2

And for some reason, every female on screen is wearing a mini-skirt as part of her military uniform. This level of camp extends to the units as well.

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The series phases out standard units like tanks in favor of helicopters that transform into walkers, amphibious naval destroyers, and armored trained attack bears. Old favorites return, like spies voiced with a Roger Moore -like Bond impersonation , Kirov airships, and Tesla troopers.

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A new feature to the series is the ability to build almost all of your structures on the water. Sea bases can be protected from most land-based attack units and provide a new dimension to strategic base building.

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The special-forces units are always an iconic part of the series, and this time around are a mix of new and old with Tanya, Yuriko Omega a Japanese school girl with devastating psychic abilities and Natasha, your typical busty sniper assassin. Each side has its strengths. The Allies have superior intelligence like spies and cloaking abilities , powerful prism technology Mirage Tanks, prism towers , and the time-altering affects of the Chronosphere.


The Soviets prefer brute force the Apocalypse tank and Kirov airship , electrical weapons Tesla Troopers, Stingray boats and the invulnerability granted by the Iron Curtain. But the new Empire of the Rising Sun faction provides a different sort of advantage to its players. The Empire uses a lot of mech units that can transform from land to air, land to sea, or sea to air to provide a versatile attack force.