Silverlight 5 developer runtime for mac os x

Try this: Silverlight 5 Developer Runtime for Mac OSX (32 bit).
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Date s Issued:. Tuesday, September 13, Systems Affected:. Microsoft Silverlight 5 prior to version 5. Small government entities:. Large and medium business entities:. These are the full set of tools to help you evaluate Silverlight 5. The links to the developer runtimes are provided for convenience as some use these to put on test machines without developer tools to test things out and debug.

Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.50918.0

This is a little long in description here, but hopefully for your benefit. How could we have a release without improved tools? Visual Studio has proved to me to be a great platform have you seen the Extension Manager and how you can grab all the great things online? VSCommands is my favorite for productive development on the Microsoft platforms. You would expect to have the Silverlight 5 support in the tools and it is in there, all what you want.

The cool thing is that adding the tools on your existing SP1 installation gives you ultimate Silverlight multi-targeting support:. So what does this feature mean?

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A few things improved on the media front based on some feedback from our customers. First, when having the need for low-latency sound for things like audio loops, etc. There were a few hacks you could do, but overall not ideal.

So remember how we did some fun things on the phone that allowed you to use XNA? Well, now we have SoundEffect for Silverlight 5 as well. This should look familiar if you are a Windows Phone developer:. Hopefully this will be a welcome addition for those working with audio. You can also control the volume, pitch, etc. Video: Pete Brown demonstrates low-latency sound.

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This will help with automatically laying out text in situations like mulit-column. If those terms are foreign to you, you are not alone! They basically provide more control over character spacing when text is rendered.

Some of these were demonstrated at MIX so be sure to watch the keynote and session videos! Video: Pete Brown demonstrates text in Silverlight 5. There are a few features that I categorize in this area of data binding. They may all not directly be related, but I mentally put them in this category. First we now support Implicit DataTemplates.

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  4. Categories!
  5. What this means is that you can specify a DataTemplate for a specific type in your binding. I now have another object called Manager, which inherits from Person and Employee which also inherits from Person. If I was binding to a list box and wanted to list these people I could do something like this:. This flexibility allows me to use binding on same shaped objects, but provide unique characteristics in my template where appropriate.

    Ancestor RelativeSource binding is also now supported which allows a DataTemplate to bind to a property of the element that contains it, like:. How about some custom MarkupExtensions? This will help with those who follow the MVVM pattern of development as well as those who have been yearning to be able to have their own expressions run on markup. Maybe something like:. I think this will be a useful feature. Of course you are required to actually write code for your extension!

    Also in the beta is the ability to perform binding in Style setters. This is another general category I am including some features which are available in Silverlight 5. First is what we call ClickCount.