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DeepSkyStacker by DeepSkyStacker is a piece of software that gives you the possibility to simplify the pre-processing steps when dealing with deep sky pictures.
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Hardnens you up as an astronomer. This is the profesional image processing suite. It sets a new standard for astrophotography and replaces Photoshop as the gold standard. A virtual lighttable and darkroom for photographers. Looks like a Lightroom clone.

Shooting Basic Star Stacks

Allows you to process Star Trails. Stacking Software. Cons Full suite is expensive however there is room for each of these in every observatory! DeepSkyStacker What is it for? Programme to align and stack your long exposure sub-frames and also provides some basic image enhancement Price Free Pros Works well Cons Mac support as with many pieces of astronomy software GIMP What is it for?

Registax What is it for? Programme to align the frames in video capture files of solar system objects Price Free Pros The standard used for planetary imaging! In addition the majority of Windows software is not Mac Compatible and vice versa. The following is a list of the most commonly used types of astrophotography specific software: Auto Guiding Software For long-exposure deep-sky astrophotography, guiding during the exposure can be very useful in producing higher quality images.

By manually or automatically following a star by making corrections in right ascension and declination higher tracking accuracy is obtained. Auto guiding involves using a separate CCD or Webcam to monitor a stars position and then send corrections to the telescope's mounting to guide or follow the star with high accuracy to compensate for inaccuracies in the mount's tracking. CCD cameras and webcams can be also be used as autoguiders, but software, such as GuideDog and PHD, is required to run on a computer that interfaces between the autoguider and mount.

Camera Control Software With camera control software, you can use your computer to control all of the functions and settings of your ACCD or DSLR, such as setting the exposure length and opening the shutter. Several of best the Camera Control Software, e. Maxim DL can also handle other tasks such as focusing, guiding, image acquisition, image calibration and image processing.

There are also a number of software packages which are particularly suited to webcams, e. The latest generation DSLR cameras allow focusing through the camera manufacturer's software. This can be done by manual focusing and visual inspection of the Live-view image on the computer, or by autofocus if the camera is shooting through an autofocus lens.

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For previous generation cameras without Live-View, an image has to be downloaded to the computer and then visually examined for focus accuracy. These are used in conjunction with assisted focus software such as that found in Maxim DL or by separate programs like FocusMax. This can be done manually, but it is very tedious. For example, faint deep-sky objects may require several hours worth of 5 minute sub-exposures that are later stacked or combined in subsequent image processing.

You simply specify in the software that you want the DSLR camera or colour ACCD to shoot, say, 30 exposures of 5 minutes with a 10 seconds between frames to give the system time to download each image. Image Calibration Software In Astrophotography it is necessary to calibrate the original raw images. Calibration means removing unwanted fixed signals such as thermal current and bias , and correction for signal modifications such as vignetting so that the raw image accurately represents the intensity of light incident on the sensor during the exposure.

Stacking is the name of the process used to combine many individual short exposures into a master image by any of several mathematical processes such as averaging, or addition. The term originates in the days of film astrophotography where images were literally stacked on top of one another to improve contrast and colour. You will also need to align your images so that the stars in them line up perfectly.

Live: DSLR Astrophotography Stacking with Deep Sky Stacker

Whatever software you use for image calibration will almost certainly also do aligning and image stacking. It is possible to align and stack images in Adobe Photoshop, but for more than a couple of frames, the process is extremely tedious and not as accurate as with a dedicated astronomical image processing program.

You will probably also want to apply some type of noise reduction, and you may want to apply more sophisticated enhancement techniques. Hope your mac DSS works but if not, maybe give this a go. If the wine solution works for you, then by any means use it! I use the same approach as uhb, Windows in vmware and bootcamp the later requires no additional license for vmware.

Astrophotography Software

Another alternative would be using VirtualBox, which is free. There's still the need for a Windows license, though.

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If money is an issue, check out virtual box, whilst it's not as feature rich, it's free and whilst I've never used it might be good enough to run DSS for you. I messed about for a while trying to do everything on my MBP but gave up and now use a Bootcamp partition, works OK for most things windoze. I run Windows 7 on my Mac as virtual machine using the Parallels software. It works seemlessly with the Mac OS too because both run in parallel.

It does seem a sledge hammer to crack a nut just to run one free application DSS. I understand there are some commercial packages for processing astro images that include stacking and work on a Mac. Sorry, others will be more familiar than I am on what is available. Given all the hassle of trying to work around Windows I figured this is the simplest solution. I enjoyed trying it out first too and foun d it easy to grasp. The imaging I'm planning on literally spent two nights on this! The other thing I use on my Mac outside is Gamma Adjust, which turns everything red.

Deep Sky Stacker Tutorial for Astrophotography Shots

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